Aption offers Network Backup / Recovery services for most computer operating systems using TCP/IP protocol over the Campus Backbone. The feature include are stated below:

  • Unattended overnight backups are performed between 5pm and 7am depending on client needs. On demand backups can be requested at any time.
  • Backups are run on a 28 day schedule, comprised of one Full backup and incremental backups on all other days.
  • File / Directory inclusion and exclusion options allow the client backup to be tailored to your exact requirements.
  • System Administrators can initiate restores from their client machines. The backup tape library is online 24X7.
  • Backups are cloned and are stored in the controlled environment offsite. This ensures there are always two copies of the backup data, stored in different locations.
  • System Administrators receive an automated email notification on the completion of each backup.

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