• SAN Design and Implementation

Aption’s main objective in implementing Storage Area Network is, rather than to connect isolated servers in a single network, to integrate the whole SAN solution into the Client's enterprise technology. Before offering a customized project, Aption specialists study the existing hardware/software complex (HSC) on site. Basing on collected information, we design a scalable SAN architecture and develop specifications for SAN hardware and software to be installed at the customer enterprise. SAN architecture is designed to support the required solutions depending on the problems it should handle.

Pre-implementation SAN design phase allows improving customer data storage systems and the existing technologies. We create centralized data backup, integrate isolated components and data libraries into a single system, and add data replication technologies. Basing on the Aption’s design, our specialists install and test all the necessary hardware, i.e. we check the declared SAN functionality and test it for performance. The detected component errors, if any, are eliminated.

Up to commissioning our best specialists accurately supervise SAN implementation works according to the plan. We install software to monitor SAN and route data to low-load links. Aption specialists enable short time-to-launch, thus reducing customer losses due to HSC outage.

  • NAS Design and Implementation

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage systems. Various techniques are used to curb the growth of data on their NAS systems and advice on how to size a NAS. Unstructured data growth rates are forcing IT organizations to think more strategically about their NAS systems and improve their mechanisms for NAS management. To help you help them toward that goal, we've compiled a range of resources for you, including a big picture look at what technology trends are influencing the NAS market, a report on which vendors' products came out ahead in our recent reader quality survey, expert advice on how to address to size a NAS system and how to curb data growth, as well as tips on NAS-related concerns specific to SMBs, and more.

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